Student Loan Blog Series: Introduction

Student Loan Blog Series - Bankruptcy AttorneysStudent loans are a financial burden that immediately affects a number of graduating students.  In fact, in the next blog of this series we will explain that 60% of the 20 million new college students a year borrow loans annually to cover their costs of attending college.  For many of the graduating students the student loans will burden them for the rest of their lives.

Introduction to Student Loans

Student loans are like that neighbor that won’t leave you alone, or the fly that buzzes around you when you don’t have a swatter. I’m sure if you owe, or have owed student loans, you get the point.

That is why Orange County bankruptcy attorneys decided to put together this eight part blog series. The goal of this blog series is to help you understand the type of student loans you have as well as payment and postponement options.  Additionally, we will provide information on your options if you default on your student loans and how to use bankruptcy to get back on track with these loans.

Below are the topics we will cover.  Please feel free to contact us, if you have suggestions on other student loan topics or if you have questions.

In addition to managing your student loan debt, you should also consider reading our blog series on credit debt.  Together, you can manage all of your debts into something more manageable.

Student Loan Blog Series: Introduction

Student Loan Blog Series I: The Crisis

Student Loan Blog Series II: Types of Loans

Student Loan Blog Series III: Repayment Options

Student Loan Blog Series IV: Deferment

Student Loan Blog Series V: Forbearance

Student Loan Blog Series VI: Cancellation

Student Loan Blog Series VII: Default Options

Student Loan Blog Series VIII: Bankruptcy