Hiring a Lawyer After Being Injured in Bicycle Accidents

We represent victims of bicycle accidents.  As more people are choosing to be green and bicycle to work or school rather than drive, accidents are becoming more and more common. The roads cannot always accommodate both car drivers and bicyclists. Thus, there are situations where people do not pay attention, obey the rules of the road and watch out for each other.

When cyclists sustain severe injuries as a result of an accident, many bicyclists do not realize that they have legal options. If you were injured in one, we recommend speaking with an attorney in our office about your legal rights.

Proving negligence

After being in an accident, it is necessary to prove that the other party was negligent and responsible for said accident. Regardless of whether the person responsible was driving a vehicle or the accident victim was on a bicycle, proving negligence is the key to winning the case.

Simultaneously, the vehicle driver is likely to have insurance and their insurance company will provide legal representation in order to try to limit their losses. One thing their attorney will attempt to do is demonstrate that the bicyclist was also negligent and partially at fault for the accident. Some of the questions they may ask are:

Were you speeding?

Someone on a bicycle needs to follow the speed limit just like drivers of cars and trucks too. If they can prove that a cyclist was speeding, they may be able to use this to try and either pay less in compensation or blame a bicyclist completely. Even if you were, we can still help. Just be sure to disclose everything when speaking with an attorney in our office.

Were you wearing a helmet?

It is important to wear a helmet. If one does not wear a helmet and suffers an injury, the insurance company has a good case to make that the driver of the vehicle was not solely responsible for the extent of the injuries. The insurance company will claim that not wearing a helmet is the cause of the damage and get them out of paying more money.

However, it is still possible to receive compensation when working with an attorney, even though it may be reduced somewhat.

Receiving compensation

The two main ways to receive compensation after bicycle accidents are to hire a lawyer to negotiate with the driver's insurance company or to file a lawsuit and go to court. If there is enough evidence demonstrating negligence, the insurance company will be more likely to settle the case without going to trial.

The key will be to get as much money as possible by demonstrating how the accident has caused a negative impact on a victim's life. If the insurance company is not willing to pay as much as is warranted, the best option will be to go to court. In court, we will present the evidence before a jury and have them decide what the case is worth. In both scenarios, it is advantageous to work with an attorney.

Speak with a lawyer

To learn more about what we can do for victims of bicycle accidents, call and schedule a consultation with our office.

Note: This is for information only and does not constitute legal advice.