Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney When Hit By a Drunk Driver

When hit by a drunk driver and suffering a personal injury, you can hire an attorney and request financial compensation. The key to a successful lawsuit is proving that someone else was responsible for your injury and needs to pay financial compensation. While the driver who hit you may have received a ticket and arrested, you will still need a personal injury attorney who knows how to navigate the process.

Why you need a personal injury attorney

When a drunk driver faces arrest for driving under the influence, they will go to jail and have a criminal trial in court. A jury will hear the case, review evidence and listen to testimony – potentially yours. The trial can last for a couple of days and your role, if any, will simply be to testify.

Once the trial is complete, the jury will render a guilty or not guilty verdict and the driver will be sentenced accordingly. However, even if the individual faces conviction, that will not benefit the other party directly. Yes, there will be peace of mind knowing that they are off the roads but a criminal trial will not result in you receiving financial compensation.

Navigating the process

To get money for the injuries the victim needs to hire a personal injury attorney and file a case in civil court. This is a lawsuit against the drunk driver. If insured, their insurance company will have an attorney defending them. However, with a drunk driving ticket or conviction, the insurance company may wish to settle the case outside of court. Even if the case goes to trial, it is likely that a jury would find in favor of the victim since the other person was intoxicated.

If they do, financial compensation will be awarded. This could pay for things like medical bills, transportation costs, lost wages, pain and suffering. A jury may even award punitive damages which can further increase the value of the claim. This is up to the individual jury.

Building a case

It is necessary to build a strong case that relies on evidence to demonstrate these facts. An attorney will help with this process and, once done, can seek financial damages through negotiations or going to court.

The basic process includes:

  • Call the police, if they did not show up automatically
  • Filing an accident report or documenting what happened
  • Visiting the doctor for an examination and treatment
  • Hiring a personal injury attorney
  • Gathering evidence to prove negligence
  • Starting the negotiations process
  • Going to court if the case does not settle
  • Collecting on any judgments awarded by a jury

An attorney is vital to the process and ensuring that an accident victim is protected legally and can receive money for their injuries.

Call for help

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NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.