Victims of Pedestrian Accidents Can Sue

Our law firm represents people who sustain an injury in pedestrian accidents. In highly populated metropolitan areas, it is becoming all too common for motorists to run into people walking by. This is especially likely to occur in busy intersections and in the evening where the lighting and visibility are poor.

Many pedestrians do not realize that if they are in an accident, they are entitled to receive compensation and can do so by filing a lawsuit. In this case, the best course of action is to call our law firm, schedule a consultation and discuss options for receiving compensation.

Who was at fault?

In a personal injury case, it is necessary to demonstrate who was at fault or negligent. Just because a motorist hits a pedestrian, it does not make that motorist negligent. As an attorney, it is our job to gather evidence that proves they are negligent. We can do so by interviewing eyewitnesses, gathering photographic and video evidence and conducting depositions.

Police reports can also be used as evidence since an officer is likely to write one up. We will need to get a copy of the report for the file as well. Depositions are conducted to allow us to ask detailed questions about what the driver was doing before and at the time of the accident. We can ask if they were distracted, on the phone, etc. It is also possible to ask questions about their prior experiences driving and if they have been in an accident before.

Filing a lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit after a pedestrian accident is similar to filing one after being in a car wreck.  Once an attorney has been hired, a lawsuit can be filed against the motorist. Their insurance company will respond by providing them with an attorney. At this point, it is possible to negotiate with them and see if a settlement agreement can be reached. By demonstrating that the motorist was negligent and the impact of the accident on the victim, it may be possible to reach an agreement where the insurance company pays the victim an adequate sum of money.

However, if they refuse to make a good settlement offer, it will be necessary to go to court and seek compensation through a jury trial. Compensation can be sought to pay for medical bills including medical bills that are likely to come in the future. For example, if a doctor believes that a patient will never fully recover, it will be necessary to receive compensation for their ongoing care.

Money can also be sought for things like lost wages, transportation expenses, and pain and suffering. This goes to compensation for emotional trauma and the negative impact the accident has had on a victim’s life. In some instances, a jury will also award punitive damages to punish the motorist for the harm they have caused.

Speak with an attorney

For help with your case, call our office and schedule a consultation. We help people to get the compensation they deserve after being in a pedestrian accident.