401k Contributions and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

I filed Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Orange County, Can I Contribute to My 401k? Many clients ask whether their 401k or retirement contribution can be used as an expense when determining their Chapter 13 plan payment.  When you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you must list all of you income and expenses on the bankruptcy documents. …


Will Bankruptcy Help Get My House Back After Foreclosure?

What Can Bankruptcy Do if My House Is Already Foreclosed On? Bankruptcy will NOT get your house back.  However, bankruptcy could help eliminate debt related to your previous mortgage and home. Chapter 7 Although Chapter 7 will not help you recover your home, it can help in other ways after a foreclosure.  If you owed…


Help Filing for Bankruptcy

How Do I Get Help Filing for Bankruptcy? If you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, there are a number of options to choose from. Hiring a Lawyer or Attorney to File Bankruptcy First you can hire a lawyer or attorney to help you file your bankruptcy case.  Hiring an attorney will probably be the…


Small Businesses and Bankruptcy: Options for Owners

Should I file Bankruptcy for my small business? It is common for businesses apply for credit when starting out.  It is also common for successful businesses to acquire more debt to expand.  Unfortunately, it is also common for businesses to take a turn for the worse.  In today’s economy, a business could be thriving one…


Servicemembers with Debt

Laws that Help Servicemembers Debt is a stressor that no one should have to deal with.  However, for military members the stressors of debt are not only unwanted but can also be extremely dangerous when dealing with it during deployment or mobilization.  Soldiers have enough worries such as their follow Soldiers and their families at…


Credit Unions: Effect of Filing Bankruptcy

How will bankruptcy effect my relationship with my credit union? Membership Many Credit Unions have different rules when dealing with people who file bankruptcy.  Credit Unions are different than banks.  Credit Unions are membership non-profit organizations.  You are a member of the organization and own a portion of the organization.  This is why credit unions…


Welcome to The Law Offices of Chen & Tran

The Law Offices of Chen & Tran Thank you for selecting The Law Offices of Chen & Tran as your bankruptcy attorneys. We pride ourselves in providing the best client services. We have locations all over Southern California including Orange County and Riverside. Our experience includes over 1000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases…


Business Debts and Bankruptcy

Basic Debt Risks for Each Business Structures Unfortunately, in our economy, not all businesses thrive and not all businesses survive.  The good news is that there are different business structures to protect owners from the businesses liabilities.  This is why many people seek advice from a business attorney prior to forming their business.  However, each…


What are the Attorneys’ Fees for Chapter 13 in Riverside

Attorney’s Fees for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 fees will be higher than Chapter 7 because it is more complex.  The average attorneys’ fees for Chapter 13 will be different in each state but most bankruptcy courts will have guidelines and rules as to how much an attorney can charge.  Your bankruptcy attorney will be able to provide…


How Much Does Chapter 13 Cost in Orange County

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Fees Chapter 13 is more complex than filing a Chapter 7 case.  Therefore, Chapter 13 fees will also be higher than Chapter 7.  Although fees will vary from state to state, most bankruptcy courts will have guidelines as to how much an attorney can charge.  Therefore, you can ask your bankruptcy attorney…