Being Unemployed and Filing Bankruptcy in Monterey Park

Unemployment In Monterey Park As Monterey Park bankruptcy attorneys, unemployed clients frequently request debt relief options. Thankfully, many options exist for unemployed debtors. The first thing you should do is to consult with a bankruptcy attorney in Monterey Park to go over your facts and circumstances. From there, the attorney can provide you with options…


Monterey Park Bankruptcy Lawyer: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for Small Businesses

Monterey Park is known for its many local owned businesses. Unfortunately, the ability to personal businesses has become increasingly difficult in our Southern California economy.  This is especially true if you owe business and personal debts. This is why our Monterey Park bankruptcy lawyers often work with small business owners. Bankruptcy is a difficult decision made tougher…


Can I Contribute to My 401k Plan in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? Answers from a Bankruptcy Lawyer

One common question that a bankruptcy lawyer gets from our clients is whether or not the client can continue to make 401(k) contributions during Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Whether or not you can make 401(k), or other voluntary retirement contributions, during the period of your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy discharge, will depend largely upon the bankruptcy court…