Bankruptcy Lawyer for the Seniors

We are a bankruptcy lawyer for seniors. If you are retired and have found yourself in financial difficulty, you're not alone. We understand that this is a time in life when no one expects to be struggling with debt or having difficulty paying the mortgage. After working hard your entire life, you probably anticipated spending…


The Process of Going to Bankruptcy Court

We can represent you in bankruptcy court, ensuring that your interests are protected and so is your future. The process of going to court can be both intimidating and confusing for anyone who is not an attorney. This makes it easy to make a mistake. However, when you have an attorney in your corner, you…


The Bankruptcy Trustee and Their Role

What is the Bankruptcy Trustee As bankruptcy attorneys, many of our clients ask us questions about the bankruptcy trustee and the job that they have in managing or participating in their case. The bankruptcy trustee plays an important role in any bankruptcy proceeding. When you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, an impartial bankruptcy trustee is…