Why You Could Need a Personal Injury Lawyer This Holiday Season

Personal Injury LawyerWith the start of the holiday season, a personal injury lawyer may be an unexpected necessity for many families and individuals. An increase in cold, wet weather may also lead to an increase in outdoor accidents. It is important to understand the elevated risks associated with the holiday season and how to be prepared if an accident occurs. Being properly forewarned of these facts can help reduce the frequency and seriousness of accidents.

As the holiday season gets in full swing, there is an increase of drivers on the road and a general increase in the risk of vehicle accidents. With school closed, teenage drivers are taking to the road in larger numbers than when school was in session. As drivers, teens are a fairly dangerous presence as they have crash rates three times higher per mile driven than drivers over 20.  Additionally, there is often more traffic congestion during the holidays due to vacation drivers. Further, cold weather can lead to more tire blowouts, loss of control accidents and more incidents involving motorcyclists on the road. Lastly, the increased consumption of alcohol during the holidays can make the road a very dangerous place. Whether these risks originate from natural causes, such as the weather, or from the dangerous behavior of others, being aware of these risks in advance can be an important step in the prevention of these accidents.

As a personal injury lawyer, we can be the advocate you need in case you or your family experiences a holiday-related accident. The colder weather alone is a subtle danger, as many of us spend an increased amount of time outside during this time without being properly prepared. Older adults and young children are the two demographics particularly susceptible to frostbite. Additionally, many children who participate in outdoor sports during the colder months are equally at risk for cold-related illnesses. Another danger of enjoying the cold weather is the risk of slipping. If a loved one has slipped as a result of either negligence or simply an unintentional accident, a personal injury lawyer can give you the help and representation you need. Don’t let the safety and happiness of your family become a last minute priority. Being aware of the risks associated with the holiday season and seeking the expertise of a personal injury lawyer can be the difference between a small accident and a serious emergency.

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