Help Filing for Bankruptcy

How Do I Get Help Filing for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Help FilingIf you are interested in filing for bankruptcy, there are a number of options to choose from.

Hiring a Lawyer or Attorney to File Bankruptcy

First you can hire a lawyer or attorney to help you file your bankruptcy case.  Hiring an attorney will probably be the most expensive way to file your bankruptcy case.  However, as discussed below, there are less expensive ways to get assistance from an attorney.

When you hire an attorney, you will have legal representation.  The attorney will be able to advise you on any issues that you might have with your case, they will be able to discuss the law and advise you of your options.  Additionally the attorney will prepare your documents, go to court with you and monitor your case until it is completed.

Although, the attorney is the most expensive form of help, it is the most practical, efficient and dependable way to file bankruptcy.

Pro Bono Attorney or Workshops

As discussed above, there are ways to get help from an attorney without spending as much.  There are a number of attorneys and programs that will help clients pro bono without charge.  Additionally, many courts offer workshops where attorneys come out to assist clients who cannot afford an attorney.  This leads us to the next option.

DIY, Do it Yourself Bankruptcy

Many people filing bankruptcy have tried to do it themselves.  A number of these people are able to complete their case, but a number also end up wasting more time and money that it would have costed if they hired an attorney.

If you plan on filing bankruptcy without hiring an attorney at least get help from an attorney by attending the workshops or requesting pro bono assistance.  If those options do not attract you, there are a number of books and websites that provide detailed information to file for bankruptcy.

Additionally the US Bankruptcy Courts have all the information and forms needed to file for bankruptcy.  This should be one of your first stops should you decide to file it yourself.

Using a Petition Preparer to Draft Your Documents

Also, if you need help, you can hire a petition preparer to draft your bankruptcy petition.  Remember, petition preparers are essentially typists.  They cannot provide legal advice or tell you what information is needed on the documents.

If you do not have access to a computer, paper or ink, then you can hire a petition preparer to type your information for you.  They normally also have computer programs that make drafting the petition faster.  However, as discussed above, you can download all the required bankruptcy forms from the court website.