Employer Liability in Auto Accidents? Only When Negligence is Involved

When it comes to employer liability in auto accidents there is no black and white answer. When you are involved in an auto accident while on the job there are a few factors that must first be considered in order for the employer to be held liable. And it does not matter whether you are working for a public company, a private company or an individual when you were injured. When you are employed your employer has a responsibility to keep you safe when working on the job. Only when an employer does something or neglects to do something that can prevent an auto accident from happening is when they are likely to be held liable.

If you were recently involved in an auto accident while on the job and are wondering if your employer is liable, contacting an experienced lawyer now can give you the legal advice you need.

Employer liability

The only way an employer can be held liable when one of their employees is involved in an auto accident when working is if they were negligent. If the employer were negligent in any way it is highly likely that they will be deemed liable for the auto accident in a court of law. For example, when an employer hires a new employee to drive a company vehicle it is the employer’s duty to make sure that the new employee is indeed a safe driver. This can include checking to make sure their driver’s license is current and has never been suspended as well as thoroughly examining their driving history and even requiring periodic drug tests.

Another example of how an employer can be held liable when an employee is involved in an auto accident refers to safety policies. Every employer must have safety policies in place that can be viewed by all employees. If these policies are not closely followed by all employees and an accident were to occur, the employer can be held liable for the accident.

On the job?

Employer liability in auto accidents can only occur when someone is actually working on the job, which can include their driving a company car or their personal car. Because the issue of whether or not an employee was actually on the job when the auto accident occurred often comes up when someone is involved in an accident, hiring an experienced lawyer is the absolute best way to prove when and how the accident occurred and whether or not the employer is indeed liable.

Bottom line

When employer liability in auto accidents needs to be proven you are going to need to hire a lawyer who can help you file a claim. While filing a claim when you are involved in a workplace-related auto accident is a necessary procedure understand that there are often time frames for which the claim must be filed. The fact that there are often a number of legal requirements that need to be made when filing a claim associated with an auto accident that happened when working makes hiring an experienced lawyer absolutely necessary in order for you to get the best outcome.

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NOTE: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.