The Effects of Cosigning for a Loan

Understanding what it means to co-sign on a loan Before anyone cosigns on a loan they need to understand the what it means to be a co-signer as well as the benefits and the risks. What does it mean to cosign on a loan Many people think there is a difference to being a primary…


I Cannot Afford a Bankruptcy Attorney

Do not let your financial situation dictate whether or not to hire a bankruptcy attorney. If you find yourself in a financial situation where bankruptcy is the best option, it almost sounds counter-intuitive to hire an attorney.  As the saying goes, attorneys are expensive, lawyers cost too much, etc.  However, do not let this stop…


Bankruptcy | Surrendering a Vehicle | Santa Ana

Can I surrender my car or vehicle during bankruptcy without being liable for the deficiency or further attorney’s fees or costs? When you file bankruptcy, most of your unsecured debt will go away if the court grants a discharge.  Unsecured debt includes your credit cards or personal loans that are not attached to any property….


Bankruptcy | Mortgage Statements | Santa Ana

Why is the mortgage company not sending me statements during my bankruptcy If you have a mortgage and filed for bankruptcy in Santa Ana and in most other districts in California, your mortgage company might stop sending you statements.  This is not illegal on the mortgage companies part.  When a bankruptcy is filed in Santa…


Bankruptcy | Do Not Make Preferential Payments | Santa Ana

What is a preferential payment in bankruptcy? A preferential payment is a payment made to a Creditor or Debtor Collector (someone you owe money to) shortly before filing for Bankruptcy.  For example, lets say you owe, Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo each $5000.  Last month, you withdrew $5000 from your 401k and used…


Bankruptcy | Effect on Creditor Lawsuits

What do I do if I was sued by a creditor? The best thing anyone can do when a creditor files a lawsuit is to follow up with the case.  So many times, I have seen people contact an attorney or act on a lawsuit after it is too late.  This leads to questions like “what…


Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy | Case Timeline

How long does bankruptcy take? This is one of the most common questions when it comes to bankruptcy.  Many clients have questions regarding the timeline to get out of debt.  There are two main types of consumer bankruptcies, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  The timelines from these two types of bankruptcy vary. However, much of…


US Trustee Audit of Bankruptcy Cases

Why is the US Trustee auditing my bankruptcy case? First thing is first, talk to your attorney If the US Trustee is auditing your case, you should consult with your bankruptcy attorney.  If you do not have an attorney, this might be the time to do so.  The US trustee audits a case if they…