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Southern California hosts some of the best weather in the world.  Its year-round warmth and its people’s increasing awareness of the environment has contributed to a surge in bicycling both as a means of transportation and recreation.  California traffic laws require that motorists share the road with bicyclists.  Unfortunately, motorists do not always operate their vehicles in accordance with what is required by law.  Consequently, collisions between bikes and automobiles have increased as bicycling becomes more popular.

What is tragic in such an accident is that the bicyclist will invariably be more injured than the motorist because bikes are smaller, lighter, and offer less protection.  Such injuries can lead to years of pain and diminished capability to work.  If you have suffered such a bicycle accident, please contact The Law Offices of Chen & Tran.  We have an entire medical provider network in place ready to aid you with no immediate cost out of your pocket.  We work closely with all our doctors and medical professionals to make sure your medical needs are all taken care of, and your case is successfully handled.  If you have been injured, call us now for your legal and medical needs, and pay nothing unless you recover!