Personal InjuryAccidents

Have you suffered a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property or public property?  If so, you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  Slip and fall accidents generally fall under an area of law known as premises liability.  Under California premises liability law, landowners who are aware of people coming upon their land or who invite others onto their land owe certain duties to ensure that their property is reasonably safe.  If the landowner breaches that duty by allowing a dangerous condition to persist upon the property and you are injured by it, the landowner may be liable for your injuries.

Some common types of premises liability claims involve injuries sustained from dangerous conditions upon the land (e.g. broken glass, sharp protruding objects, uneven ground or wet floors), dog bites, swimming pool accidents and drownings, inadequate security, and insufficient lighting.  An injury sustained as a result of such dangerous conditions can cause severe pain and suffering, permanent scarring, inability to work, and massive medical care debts.  Furthermore, if the landowner is insured, the insurance company may attempt to coerce you into a accepting a lower settlement.

If you have sustained a slip and fall accident or another injury compensable under permises liability, contact The Law Offices of Chen & Tran.  We have an entire medical provider network in place ready to aid you with no immediate cost out of your pocket.  We work closely with all our doctors and medical professionals to make sure your medical needs are all taken care of, and that you are not duped by insurance companies into a lowball settlement.  If you have been injured, call us now for your legal and medical needs, and pay nothing unless you recover!