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Personal injury is an area of law involving compensation for injury to a person’s body.  Bodily injury can be caused by a variety of incidents such as traffic collisions/car accidents, slip and fall accidents (premises liability), and bicycle accidents.  Unfortunately, when an individual is injured, the problems do not end there.  Medical visits and medical expenses often follow, and the pains associated with medical care often hurt the wallet as well.  Sometimes, the patient may not even be able to return to work because the injury has caused some form of permanent disability.

These types of injuries happen all to often to hundreds of thousands of California residents.  Consequently, the courts have a legal system in place to compensate the injured individual and to “make him or her whole.”  Some of the injury damages that are monetarily compensable under California law include medical expenses (i.e. hospital expenses, medications, personal therapy), pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium, lost income, and property loss.  Sometimes, punitive damages are awarded if the defendant’s conduct is especially egregious or outrageously careless.

If you have been injured, please call the Law Offices of Chen & Tran.  Our offices do not charge you attorney’s fees if we do not recover anything for you!  Also, do not worry if you have no money or medical insurance to help pay for medical costs.  We have an entire medical provider network of doctors and medical specialists in place to provide you with the medical treatment you need at no immediate cost to you.

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Date:January 5, 2015