Slip and Fall AccidentsSlip and Fall

You or a loved one you know may have slipped and fell on someone else’s property only to suffer an injury.  In the legal world, liability for such accidents are called “premises liability.”  In fact, liability for slip and fall accidents are just one of many that fall under the umbrella term, premises liability.  Premises liability covers any accidents where a person is injured on the property of another.  The idea is that landowners and businesses that invite people onto their land must use reasonable efforts to keep their land safe.  If they don’t, accidents can happen.

Premises Liability Examples

Premises liability examples include any sharp protruding objects left unrepaired that end up cutting someone walking by.  Also, a business can also be liable for the acts of a criminal, if the business knows or should have known that the area has a history of being crime ridden.  Even government entities can be liable if they fail to maintain a sidewalk, and you trip, fall, and injure yourself.  In summary, any dangerous condition on a land or building that causes injury may be subject to premises liability.

Medical Care at No Cost Out of Pocket

If you have sustained a slip and fall accident or another injury that falls under premises liability, contact The Law Offices of Chen & Tran.  We have an entire medical provider network in place ready to treat you with no immediate cost out of your pocket.  We work closely with all our doctors and medical professionals to make sure your medical needs are all taken care of, and that you are not duped by insurance companies into a lowball settlement.

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Date:January 5, 2015